Shared pool, 2 parking spots, Small town, Natural light, Balcony

430.000 390.000€

Type:  House
Living area:  370m2
Constructed area:  436m2
Area:  Bordils
Rooms:  3
Bathrooms:  2
Guest toilets:  2
Extras:  Business, 2 houses, restaurant, Small town

Dormitoris banys Electrodomèstics Balcó Calefacció Mobles
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Ref.: 860

APIALIA PRODUCT >> In this building we picture an entrepreneurial family that wants to establish their own small business in the heart of the quiet small town, and live so close that they don't have to leave the house to open every morning.

This place is comprised of two independent stories of 120m2 each. They are both very-well preserved and outside areas. One of the stories has a nice terrace, and the one located in the upper level has beautiful views to the gothic bell tower the Sant Esteba Church, where you will be able to gaze and enjoy the Renaissance details.

The restaurant with street access, terrace and at its full capacity could become the family business and a fantastic Project you can start by incorporating your gastronomic style. We are sure the town neighbors are really looking forward!

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